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Sean Wharton
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Amodau Gorchymyn Cofrestru Presennol yn cael eu hymestyn tan 09/08/2022
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Decision summary

Amended Conditions –

The terms of the extended Order are identical to the Order made in March 2021, save for a small adjustment to Condition 6. The amended conditions are set out as follows:

Informing prospective employers

1. You must inform the following individuals and/or organisations that you have conditions imposed on your registration under the Social Care Wales Fitness to Practise procedures and disclose the conditions to them:

a. Any organisation or person employing, contracting with, or using you to undertake social work;

b. Any social care agency you are registered with or apply to be registered with (at the time of application);

c. Any prospective social care employer (at the time of application).

2. You must inform SCW within five working days of accepting any social work appointment (whether paid or unpaid) which requires registration with SCW, and provide SCW with contact details of the new employer, the job title of the role you have accepted, and the address of your new place of work.

3. You must also provide written confirmation from your new employer that they are aware of the conditions imposed and that they are willing to support you to comply with the conditions.

Notifying Social Care Wales of any future professional investigation

4. You must inform SCW of any professional investigation started against you and / or any professional disciplinary proceedings taken against you within five working days of you receiving notice of them.


5. When employed and working as a social worker, you must remain under the supervision of a Team Manager or another designated person nominated by your employer suitable to act as a supervisor.

6. The supervision meetings must be held on a two-weekly basis whilst these conditions remain in force.

7. The supervision meetings should include consideration of:

a. your record-keeping;

b. your compliance with timescales prescribed for visits to families and/or individuals using services;

c. your compliance with standards prescribed for the visits to families and/or individuals using services;

d. evidence of your use of reflective practice.

8. If the identity of your supervisor changes you should send to the Fitness to Practise Officer a written confirmation (on headed paper) signed by your new supervisor that states clearly they are aware of the conditions to be adhered to, and that they support compliance with the conditions.

9. You must provide to Social Care Wales copies of your supervision records signed by the supervisor on a monthly basis, redacted as necessary to remove sensitive information about individuals using services.

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